(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. discernment, comprehension, intelligence, knowledge, insight, perception; sympathy; agreement. See intellect.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. empathetic, empathic, kindly, generous; see patient 1 , sympathetic .
1. [The power to understand]
Syn. sharpness, intelligence, comprehension; see judgment 1 .
2. [The act of comprehending]
Syn. recognition, knowing, perception; see judgment 2 , thought 1 .
3. [That which comes from understanding, sense 2]
Syn. conclusion, knowledge, perception; see belief 1 , opinion 1 .
4. [Informal agreement]
Syn. meeting of minds, common view, harmony, compromise; see agreement 2 , 3 .
5. [The intellect]
Syn. head, brain, mentality; see mind 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. comprehension knowledge, knowing, grasp, appreciation, recognition, mastering, intelligence, intellect, sense, perception, savvy, discernment, awareness. ''Hearing in retrospect.''—Marcel Proust.
2. interpretation inference, estimation, judgment, belief, thinking, reckoning, perception, sense, idea.
3. mutual agreement meeting of the minds, covenant, promise, deal, compromise.
4. empathy sympathy, compassion, commiseration.
ANT.: 1. denseness, stupidity, misunderstanding, ignorance, befuddlement
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. Intellectual hold: apprehension, comprehension, grasp, grip, hold. Informal: savvy. See KNOWLEDGE. 2. The faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge: brain (often used in plural), brainpower, intellect, intelligence, mentality, mind, sense, wit. Slang: smart (used in plural). See ABILITY, THOUGHTS. 3. An act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action: accord, agreement, arrangement, bargain, compact2, deal, pact. See AGREE. II adjective Cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others: empathetic, empathic, feeling, sympathetic. See UNDERSTAND.

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